01. We live in an [apartment] building where pets aren't allowed, so we can't have a cat.
02. The average rent for a two-bedroom [apartment] in this city is probably about $700 a month now.
03. The people who live in the [apartment] downstairs from us sure make a lot of noise on weekends.
04. We just moved into an [apartment] overlooking the park.
05. Shanti shares an [apartment] with another student at the university.
06. Our [apartment] is really small, so we're trying to find something bigger before our baby is born.
07. The [apartment] which is for rent is on the fifth floor.
08. Mario and Karen were able to furnish their [apartment] with furniture and other stuff that they got really cheaply at garage sales.
09. A lot of [apartments] become available in June when university classes finish, and a lot of students leave town.
10. Yoshi's entire [apartment] in Tokyo is about the size of our living room.
11. Much of the middle and upper class population of Venezuela live in highrise [apartment] buildings.
12. Hundreds of years ago, the Pueblo Indians of the U.S. used sunbaked bricks to build huge [apartment] blocks with up to 800 rooms.
13. Fran Lebowitz once said, "To me the outdoors is what you have to pass through in order to get from your [apartment] into a taxicab."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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